Verified masters
  • For each type of deliverable, Charbon has its own mastering procedures, developed over the course of the films and their specific challenges.
  • Real-time human verification is systematic, providing peace of mind and security.
  • The Quality Control (QC) report, signed by the operator, is given to the customer.
DCP Mastering
  • The DCP, enduring and world-wide norm for digital cinema, has replaced 35 mm prints in cinemas.
  • Charbon gets the best out of it in terms of quality, reliability, flexibility, and protection. All about DCP mastering
  • We systematically check DCPs on DCI-approved servers and projectors.
Blu-ray mastering
  • Blu-ray represents a revolution in the history of cinema: for the first time the quality of a medium destined for the general public is close to that of the master.
  • Charbon's Blu-Ray mastering, gives a quality equivalent to HDCAM, fairly close to DCP: this was the observation made twice in front of a packed house at the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, on 31 January and 6 March 2012, and again at the Kask in Ghent on 19 February 2014 (Projection Screening Formats).
  • Find the Blu-ray entry in the projection media guide.
DVD mastering
  • Advanced techniques of compression, downscaling and debanding make it is possible to get the best out of the most venerable and widespread digital distribution media
  • The procedures have been improved as difficulties have been encountered, and the difference with ordinary mastering is visible, particularly in difficult scenes.
  • Find the DVD entry in the projection media guide.
H264 mastering
  • For online viewing, Charbon offers an uncluttered, high-performance, secure, multilingual, multi-definition web space with very high connectivity. Hosting of ordered H264 masters is offered, with no limits.
  • H264 is also a projection medium, competing with Blu-ray for screenings in small cinemas. The encoding adapts to the different specifications of festivals, maximising quality and reliability while respecting weight limits.
  • At Kask in Ghent on 19 February 2014, we demonstrated the potential of H264 in public, projecting the same images in DCP and then in H264 (read on a simple consumer player).
  • Find the H264 entry in the projection media guide.
Digital Intermediate
  • DI consists in digitising film to work on the image (scan or telecine), then return to a silver-based emulsion film (shoot).
  • Charbon chooses a kinescoping method, colour grades, renders the film in maximum quality and supervises the work of the lab.
    All our film feedback has been good from copy 0 or 1. Today we work mainly with Filmik. What a paradox it is to see the industry falling into disuse, when it has never been so beautiful and reliable!
  • The film is available in different versions adapted to its audience, in DCP, Blu-ray or DVD
  • Dubbed or subtitled versions, with the distributor's logo, location of titles…