For shoots
  • Charbon saves filmed material on disk, in the cloud and on LTO.
  • The image is pre-graded, then synchronised with the sound
  • The rushes are checked in their entirety, in real time and in projection, and cross-checked with the image and lab reports.
  • Remarks (e.g.: point, levels, optical quality, reflections, shadows…) are transmitted directly to the assistant cameraman.
  • The material is put online in a secure area for viewing that evening by the film and production teams.
    Interface demonstration (login: alma, password: demo)
  • The rushes are transcoded and sent to the editing department.
For festivals
  • Charbon prepares selected films to ensure their public projection is high quality and problem-free.
  • Films are received and checked in projection and in real time, then mastered in the chosen projection medium (e.g. DCP).
  • If necessary, the necessary conversions are carried out: standard definition to HD or 2K, NTSC to PAL, Scope to 1.85, 25 to 24, etc.
  • The sound levels are harmonized.
  • Seule à mon mariage
  • Mon Ket
  • Quartier des banques
  • Rarablan
  • Dans leurs yeux
  • Souvenir
  • Le chant des hommes
  • Les Tourmentes
  • L'Éclat furtif de l'Ombre
  • Kodachrome
  • Baby Balloon
  • Braia