What to keep and how?
Backup to LTO tape
  • LTO tape storage has been designed to withstand conditions, obsolescence) and therefore to last, far better than better than hard disks.
  • Charbon creates LTO archives
    • secure: thanks to our complete solutions for checking integrity
    • open: based on the open-source LTFS
    • practical: the full LTO listing is provided separately online, so you can find out what's on it without having without having to plug it in
Cloud storage
  • The cloud is a good choice in a strategy of strategy:
    • storage in secure data centres
    • maintenance is the responsibility of the selected service provider
    • cloud storage is very secure, as it is highly protected and redundant
  • Charbon can take care of putting the masters in the cloud. masters.
    • We recommend Google Drive because it offers excellent value for money. value for money, but we can also work with Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and DropBox.
    • Over the years, and with terabytes of data loaded loaded at each of these service providers, we have developed reliable tools and procedures for secure an entire film.