Master blu-ray
Haute qualité, haute compatibilité. Authoring avec Sony Do Studio.
Encodage DTS HD Master Audio
Encodage sans perte de qualité d'un son surround. La même qualité qu'un son DCP !
Blu-ray : piste de son ou de sous-titres supplémentaires
Blu-ray : menu en 1 page
Blu-ray : authoring en régie
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Charbon is all about excellence, meaning reliability and quality, but it's also important for us to be accessible.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you think we should come up with a variant on a manufacturing process (as we did with the "temporary DVDs", for example).

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We have never set aside our demand for excellence.
To be affordable, we focus on :
  • productivity: day after day, we are introducing new tools. On the DCP, for example, the entire mastering process is controlled by tools developed in-house.
  • fair rates: that's why almost all rates are calculated per minute of film.