• A DCP can be reproduced and distributed easily.

  • disk
    Hard disk
    • USB-3 interface compatible with USB-2
    • Separate electrical power supply for greater reliability
    • Delivered in a mini-case
    The least expensive for medium- and feature-length films
  • usb-thumbdrive
    USB drive
    • Compact size, low price
    • Maximum length: 16 min (32 GB); 32 min (64 GB); for longer films, hard drives are a better solution
    • Long ingest time: 2x real time
    The least expensive for short films
  • internet-distribution

    Charbon offers online DCP archiving for backup and distribution purposes.

    • Storage in three different data centres for maximum reliability
    • 100-mbps bandwidth
    • Standard distribution included in the price (average of 1 download per week over a month)
    • Mass distribution option available using cloud computing, invoiced per download
    • download time for a cinema connected at high speed (fibre or cable type, 50 Mbits/s): 5x real time
    The most flexible and durable of the DCP distribution media... but few cinemas recover films in this way, preferring either discs or pipes specially installed by their distributors.